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CNDC Pacific is presently expanding and predominately focusing its business on the development and ownership of hotels & resorts in China. Anticipating the fast and continuous growth of the Chinese economy, our strategy is to develop hotel businesses in China’s emerging cities that have been experiencing a sustained period of economic growth over the years. China has witnessed a rapid development of its hotel properties over the past two decades.

The strengths of the China’s hotel industry rest in (1) the growing popularity of China as a major international business market and tourism destination, (2) the diversity and quality of the China’s hotel products, (3) the efforts to standardize operations and improve service quality, and (4) increased development by global hotel corporations. The World Tourism Organization estimates that China will become the leading tourist destination in the world by 2020. Therefore, we believe sustained economic development and China’s rising popularity will provide a hotel market conducive and sustainable to development.

Market Place

China’s dynamic economic growth has attracted business and investment interests from around the world. We believe corporate demand for travel and lodging services will increase as more international corporations establish operations in China. Further, tourism in China has greatly expanded over the last few decades. The emergence of a newly emerging middle class and an easing of restrictions on movement by the Chinese authorities are also fueling this travel boom. China’s long history and diverse tourism resources will attract both international and domestic leisure tourists to visit different parts of the China, creating demand for different types of hotel products and services.


We believe that consumers in the growing premium segment in China are looking for facilities that reflect their image – prestigious and worldly. They expect a high quality of service and a full array of amenities that compliments their exclusive lifestyles. Our objective is to cater for these growing classes by filling a niche not presently available, namely the availability of luxury hospitality services in China’s fastest emerging cities. By pioneering development in these markets, we strive to create a benchmark for future industry players to measure up to.


Towards the ever growing market of China, our management team is all rounded.  Our executives are not only confined to experienced personnel in hotel operations and management, but also people who are well versed in the China market.  To cater for the increasing demand in investment and financial advisory, we also provide our clients with strong support from our experienced financial advisors and multinational project management team.


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